Technology Shopping During Corona

Our homes have been our offices and schools for well over a month now as we continue to survive under quarantine conditions. What that did to all of us, besides making us crazy, is showed that not everybody has sufficient technology at home to get work done and to look good on camera.

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This is why, besides toilet paper and flour, we are also storming online stores and buying out all computers, webcams, monitors, printers, tablets, and laptops. The more, the merrier of course! Stores like Walmart and Best Buy are seeing 100% increase in sales on electronic, so we can be quite a force when we want to be, hence toilet paper and paper towels.

Fortunately it's only a bubble of home confinement, and the world is not going to run out of computers. What this bubble shows us though, is that we need more than our iPhones in the future to be ready for whatever life throws at us.

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While Walmart is open for business, Best Buy is currently offering curb side pickup. Both sellers are selling about the same amount of technology these days, whether we pick it ourselves or get it taken out and put right into our cars.

This is what we are buying:

Laptop and desktop sales in March are up by 40%
Keyboards - 64%
PC headsets - 134%
Monitors - 138%
Webcams - 179%

This proves that the most important thing for us is to hear those compliments when we look good on Zoom calls. Part of this rise all things technology can be attributed to many families getting gadgets and computers for their home schooling kids, who didn't need all that just yet during normal circumstances. People with office desktops also saw a need for a good PC. Headphones and webcams go without explanation.

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This entire jump in computer sales is unexpected, because for years the need for them seemed to be declining as market was pretty saturated. It took coronavirus to show us that we should have more than small computers in our pockets, just in case. Some experts believe that the jump has already leveling out and has reached its peak, maybe like COVID-19 itself. Most of the computers that people are buying now are leftovers from winter stock up by retailers who were scared of new tariffs on China products and bought more than usually.

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As we are entering late spring and summer, stores might feel shortage of technology devices and parts because of all China factory closures this winter. Global recession might hit us by the third quarter of this year and who knows what consumer buying power will look like, especially when it comes to expensive purchases.

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Once the world fully opens up and we will be going back to normal life, businesses might be pushing for more portable devices, like laptops, to make sure their employees are prepared for future crises. The exact impact of business demand will remain to be seen, but we will never be as confident in our old ways, that's for sure. Innovation in telecommunications is coming and it's a good thing.

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Finally, many people might continue to stay on top of their home technology because of this quarantine experience and will buy new computers in the future. That will happen when consumer confidence is fully back, but it's anybody's guess when that takes place. For now, let's stay beautiful even if it's only on webcams!